What Made Amy Adams Break In This Cut-For-Time 'SNL' Sketch?

The 'Love Actually' parody also stars Pete Davidson.

Pete Davidson gets all kinds of creepy and awkward with Amy Adams in this "Saturday Night Live" sketch that got cut for time before the live broadcast this past weekend.

In "Christmas Romance," the 21-year-old featured player portrays a man who shows up at the "Man of Steel" actress' front door to declare his feelings for her via cue cards.

Obviously, it’s a parody of “Love Actually,” when Andrew Lincoln does the same thing to Keira Knightley, telling her on a Sharpied “idiot card,” “To me, you are perfect.”

Things start out innocently enough, but then everything goes completely off the rails as Davidson mentions "juggs," "hot dogs" and “that little hole between your butt cheeks.” Lois Lane just couldn't keep a straight face.