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Iggy Azalea Won't 'Lose Any Sleep' Over Azealia Banks' Criticisms

She says she just wants to enjoy her vacation.

Last week, Azealia Banks spoke at length on Hot 97 about the "cultural smudging" she felt was happening to hip-hop, and she used Iggy Azalea as a focal point of her critique. "Iggy Azalea's not excellent," Banks said in response to the "Fancy" MC's recent Grammy nominations. "I have a problem when you're trying to say that it's hip-hop and you're trying to put it up against black culture."

Everyone from Q-Tip to Azalea's Grand Hustle mentor, T.I., have since joined in the online discussion sparked by the "Chasing Time" rapper's comments.

Iggy herself has remained relatively quiet on the matter, save for a series of tweets on Friday (December 19) in which she blames Azealia's "piss poor attitude" for her lesser success on the charts: "Make it racial! make it political! Make it whatever but I guarantee it won't make you likable."

Until now. On Monday night, Iggy broke her two-day Twitter silence to address her critics and to thank the artists who defended her.

"Thanks lupe and will iam what you guys said was really nice and i appreciate it," she began. "i find it patronizing to assume i have no knowledge of something I’m influenced by, but I’ve also grown up with strangers assuming that...its completely fine and I'm used to it by now. i don't lose any sleep over it."

Azalea might be referring to Q-Tip's hip-hop history lesson, in which the member of A Tribe Called Quest tried to explain to her why race and politics are inextricably linked to the genre.

His call-in, rather than a call-out, concluded: "This is not a chastisement. This is not admonishment at all. This is just one artist reaching to another hoping to spark insight into the field you are in."

Back to Iggy, the 24-year-old added that she isn't too bothered by how people feel about her "blending musical genres together" into "pop rap," as she calls it. Her main concern right now is enjoying her Christmas break.