Colin Douglas Gray / MTV

Big Sean F--ks With Taylor Swift's Platinum-In-A-Week Album, Ebola Not So Much

#IDFWU year-end edition.

Big Sean wasn't f--king around in 2014. The Detroit MC scored a big hit when he dropped his #1 rap song "I Don't F--k With You," but Sean isn't resistant to everything this year.

How do we know? Well, MTV News asked Mr. B-I-G to weigh in on some of the biggest stories of the year to find out if he f--ked with them or didn't f--k with them.

You may be surprised to learn that Sean f--ked with LeBron James going back to the Cleveland Cavaliers, although the move won't bode well for his beloved Detroit Pistons. Sean didn't f--k with former NBA owner Donald Sterling's racist comments, however.

He also didn't f--k with the Ebola virus -- but he did f--k with Nicki Minaj, Jessie J and girlfriend Ariana Grande's 2014 MTV Video Music Awards performance. And why wouldn't he?