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Azealia Banks Is Writing A Companion Book To Broke With Expensive Taste

'That's why all the lyrics on the album sound like literary non-sense,' she says.

Azealia Banks had one of the most intriguing, complex records of the year with Broke With Expensive Taste, and, apparently, she's been working on a companion book by the same name. This past week, she shared a snippet titled "Idle Delilah" via Tumblr, dealing with a terminally bored daughter of a slave owner.

"The whole Broke With Expensive Taste album is the soundtrack to a fable I wrote, that's why all the lyrics on the album sound like Literary Non-Sense," Banks tweeted, sharing a snippet of the story, in which the daughter of a slave owner, Delilah, befriends a young black girl -- and what happens when her father, Luther Luciferian Lynch, finds out.

Despite the subject matter of the excerpt, Banks tweeted that the "fable is not about slavery! The whole fable has 16 chapters, an intro and a prelude! Just wait and seeeeeeeee... Idle delilah's story is not necessarily about slavery! It's more about an idle little girl who can't control her boredom. JUST WAIT."

"I've driven myself past several points of insanity over the past four years and this book is an account of it all," she added.

There's no word yet as to when and where the book will drop, but we've reached out to her team for details.