What Was Your Favorite MTV Show Of 2014?

We know it's Sophie's choice, but it's time for you to cast your vote!

Abducted child reunited with parents. Twenty lovelorn win $1 million. Serial killer targeting town's supernatural. Nope, these aren't whirlwind headlines from a mom-and-pop paper -- they're MTV in 2014.

This year, "Teen Wolf," "Awkward" and the network's tried and true staples found some real competition from new shows like "Are You the One?" and "Finding Carter." So while we found ourselves still rooting for Jenna Hamilton and Matty McKibben to mend fences, and planted ourselves in Scott McCall's corner as he took on The Benefactor's henchmen, we felt equally compelled to throw our support behind Elizabeth Wilson as she fought for a relationship with her rebellious biological daughter. And with only so many hours in the day, we were often forced to make the impossible choice of watching one over the other. WHY, CRUEL WORLD?!

Facts are facts: If MTV shows comprised an MLB team, there'd be more than one cleanup hitter, but which production deserves the title of MVP? Look back at this year's biggest hits and, if you can, tell us which show was your favorite!

  • Senior year has been no joke at Palos Hills High School, and now that spring break has muddied the waters between former couple Jenna and Matty, the likelihood of a Jatty reunion seems less than nil. Plus: LACEY'S HAVING A BABY?!

  • Thankfully, platonic soul mates Amy and Karma are finally on good terms, but for a while there, we thought we'd lost Karmy. Hester High School's deepest secrets seem to have all been unearthed, but if there's one thing the show's characters have taught us, it's that every closet has more than one skeleton hanging from its hooks.

  • Beacon Hills suffered some intense casualties in 2014, and -- months later -- the loss of Allison Argent is still fresh on her friends' minds. As they say, though, there's no rest for the wicked, and between battling Japanese spirits, mouthless assassins and Mexican warlords, Scott's pack has proven it'll never back down from evil.

  • For 28 seasons, "Real World" was all about the stories of seven strangers, but a Season 29 twist found the group's original cast being forced to coexist with their ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends. "Stop being polite...?" No need to tell this group twice...

  • For the first time in a handful of seasons, the game's most eager all-stars got to compete for a huge cash prize ON THEIR OWN. And if surviving The Draw wasn't thrilling enough, the game know...on top of a mammoth volcano!

  • What if the memories you've made, the house in which you've grown up and the friends you've made were all based on a lie? "Finding Carter" posed the question when its titular character discovered -- after a night in jail -- that she'd been abducted as a young child, and that the woman she believed was her mother was actually her kidnapper.

  • If you need help with homework, you can go to a teacher's office hours. If you need help with love, consider "Are You the One?" The game show challenged young daters -- who admitted they sucked at relationships -- to figure out the formula for what constituted their Perfect Matches, and if they successfully identified the preordained pairs among them, they'd each win a cool $50k.

  • There's polite conversation, there's table talk and then there's "Girl Code." In the show's third season, the comedy circuit's most colorful acts sounded off on girl power, divorce and even getting into the Christmas spirit, and we could always count on them to test the limits of our BLEEP censors.

  • Remember those two guidettes who made the "Jersey Shore" their own personal playground? Well, they're both grown-up, responsible moms now. The show's final season is following the BFFs as they take on the delivery room, wedding ceremonies and...perverse tea parties? You can take the girls out of Seaside Heights...

  • Being a young mom is no joke, and the stories of Kailyn, Jenelle, Leah and Chelsea continue to serve as evidence. Between court hearings, trips to the hospital and general growing pains, the ladies have certainly got their hands full, but they've also demonstrated that there's no love quite like that between a mother and her child.

  • Even a master web connoisseur doesn't have the time to sort through each of the Internet's user-uploaded web videos, and that's where funnyman Rob Dyrdek comes in. Once the clip-curator steps out in front of the show's famous giant laptop, you know you're in for some laughs.

  • Willy Wonka might have had a warehouse made of candy, but Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory boasts a foam pit, penis-shaped hot rods and enough dodge balls to supply a district's worth of elementary schools. What does the stuntman have up his sleeve for the Final Final Season? It's seriously anyone's guess.

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