The Best Albums Of 2014, According To 11 Designers

By now, you might be reaching critical mass for the amount of year-end lists one human can consume. So, instead of giving you one more definitive ranking of 2014's best albums, we're giving the idea a little spin, turning to some of our favorite designers for their takes. Plus, in a year where music and fashion made for some of the biggest stories—Rihanna's CFDA dress, Pharrell's hat, all of the Adidas collaborations with Kanye, Pharrell, Rita Ora, and Pusha T—it makes perfect sense to ask designers about their favorite music releases of the year.

  1. Entity by OSCAR and the WOLF.

  2. My favorite album this year is Travi$ Scott's Days Before Rodeo. I'm obsessed. I'll put it on and realize half an hour later that I haven't moved at all, except nodding, it's like a trance!! It's really not good as we are super busy at the moment, but honestly it feels like meditation when you space out like that and this album is a creative blessing.

  3. Lafawndah EP By Lafawndah. Unique flow and rhythms, gorgeous vocals—like nothing out there! #gamechanger Also v important are her collaboration tracks: "Blade Hall (Outro) (ft. Lafawndah)" co-produced by Brother Bruno (Bruno Coviello of Light Asylum) and Lafawndah, and "Lung (ft. Lafawndah)" by Teengirl Fantasy.

  4. LP1, FKA Twigs. In one word, FKA Twigs is EVERYTHING!

  5. Salad Days, Mac DeMarco. I like the laid back energy of this album. It's the perfect music to knit to!

  6. Eric: Aquarius by Tinashe has been on repeat in my 2014. It's just so sexy and cloudy.

    Elizabeth: I don't have a single favorite album, but I really like everything PC Music has put out this year — I love A.G. Cook and QT!

  7. My favourite album this year is definitely the soundtrack to the movie Her by Spike Jonze. Aside from featuring original songs by one of my favorite fellow Canadian artists Arcade Fire, the album reflected the sentimental mood of the film beautifully. The songs balanced the film's sometimes humorous, sometimes melancholic scenes. For me, this was one of those successful soundtracks where it made the film better and the film made the songs better.

  8. Giovanna Randall: Jenny Lewis, The Voyager. I love Jenny's music because it's unique, personal and exposed. If I'd chosen to be a musician rather than a designer, it's the kind of music I would write and I often listen to her albums when I sketch.

  9. Aldric Speer: White Women, Chromeo.

  10. My favorite album is Chaleur Humaine by Christine and the Queens. It’s actually the best pop French album I’ve heard since a while, love the song "Christine" and video. I’m clearly in love.

  11. The album we've loved listening to the most over the past year has been Goldfrapp's Tales of Us — but technically that was released in late 2013 so not sure it counts? An album that definitely came out this year and is the beautiful sound of young women singing their hearts out has to be Stay Gold by First Aid Kit. The opposite of that in some ways but equally beautiful is quite an old man singing "Popular Problems" and that is of course Leonard Cohen. All are records which show it doesn't matter if you're female or male or just how young or old you are — you can always do something amazing.

  12. So, I tend to listen to a lot of music from the '80s and '90s, but when it comes to 2014 releases, I love charging into a Monday listening to the Young Money: Rise of an Empire comp. Once I'm at the studio, it would definitely be Andy Stott - "Faith In Strangers" to work to.