7 Charitable Presents That Won't Fit Under The Tree

Cease the last-minute shopping scramble and give back while giving.

Christmas is mere days away -- as is the end of Hanukkah -- so if you haven't finished your shopping yet... well, the panic attacks, they are imminent. Luckily, there are scads of gifts you can give your loved ones this holiday season that don't come from stores. Yup, tis the season... to do good things.

Instead of hitting up the mall as the last doors on the advent calendar swing open, why not give back while giving? Below we have seven excellent charities you can donate to come Christmas in your friends' and family members' names.

  1. For Your Formerly Hippie Dad: ACLU

    Up until December 31, any donation to the American Civil Liberties Union will be matched dollar-for-dollar. Make a donation in your dad's name and let him know you inherited something aside from his eyes.

  2. For Your Sister Who Wants To Wed: Freedom To Marry

    Show your sister you support her right to get hitched by donating to Freedom To Marry, a group dedicated to making sure everyone in the U.S. can get matrimonial.

  3. For Your Brainy Niece: She's The First

    Your niece might be killing it in school, but some girls don't get that chance. Hit up She's The First -- which provides eduction for girls in low-income countries -- and sponsor a girl in her name.

  4. For Your Badass Of A Mom: F--k Cancer

    Whether she's suffered from cancer or not, your mom will appreciate the ballsy honesty of this amazing cause. Give some cash in her name and she'll probably refrain from washing out your mouth with soap for uttering this charity's name.

  5. For Your Bookworm Bro: Books For Africa

    If your brother always has his nose in a book, help him share his obsession with another continent. You can send some of his favorites to the organization -- and, perhaps, furnish him with a few more for future donating.

  6. For The Feminist In Your Life: Planned Parenthood

    Whether they be your brother, sister, mother, cousin or you, you can make a difference when it comes to reproductive health in your favorite feminist's name by making a donation to Planned Parenthood. Up until December 31, all gifts made will be matched dollar-for-dollar.

  7. For Your Artsy Friend: Get A Museum Membership

    Want to give your pal something that both they and the community will enjoy? Nab them a museum membership at your local cultural spot. Not only will they get unfettered access to art, the museum itself will be able to thrive.