Miley Cyrus Dressed Like Rudolph And A Disco Elf This Weekend, And So Can You

Just hear those sleigh bells jingling...

To celebrate the holidays, you might hang stockings, roast chestnuts on an open fire, or drink eggnog until putting up with your extended family seems manageable. If you're Miley Cyrus, however, you get festive by dressing like an elf who stumbled into an EDM concert, or by tossing on your favorite reindeer onesie. The usual, you know?

While most of us were running around buying last minute gifts this weekend, Miley uploaded pic after pic of her Christmas-appropriate gear to Instagram, and lucky for you, we tracked down where to get both outfits.

Rudolph, is that you?! Lol jk.

If you saw this and you were like, "OMG, my sister has been asking for a reindeer onesie for years," (because obviously, she has been) make like Miley and head on over to ASOS to pick up the Kigu Reindeer Onesie for $47.38.


Although we're not sure if a bathtub filled with glowing pink water or a fuzzy zebra head are included in your purchase, it's still worth every penny.

Is it weird that we're still obsessed with Miley's silver wig? Nah, didn't think so. This time she paired her sparkly trademark hair accessory with a green elf ensemble that is equal parts North Pole and Rave Disco.

We're actually kinda sad Will Ferrell didn't choose this hair for his role in Elf, but whatever. If you want this outfit for yourself (sans wig, unfortunately) grab one from Tipsy Elves for $39.95.

Tipsy Elves

It'll win every Ugly Christmas Sweater contest at the office, hands down.

Even though Christmas is just around the corner, an Elf sweater and a reindeer onesie are the kind of closet staples that'll last you all year round (we totally, 100% swear). Happy Holidays, y'all.