Ariana Grande’s Brother Tells Us Why They May Be Spending Christmas ... With A Cow?

Don't forget the lights, sparkle and glitter, Frankie!

You know what sounds like the most amazing time ever? Christmas at Ariana Grande's house.

Why, you ask? Well, just picture tons of lights, even more glitter and Frankie Grande decorated like a extravagant Christmas present. Sounds just about perfect, right? But wait, there's more.

"Lots of presents; usually it's lots of presents. We've been doing the one big present now the past few years," Frankie told MTV News on the red carpet of Z100's Jingle Ball concert in New York about Christmas in the Grande household. "Usually, a big Christmas tree a lot of family, a lot of lights a lot of sparkles a lot of shining bright and I'd like to throw extra glitter on the tree and I wear all the wrappings at the end of the night. I always put all the ribbon around my head or around my body so by the end I'm covered in bows and ribbons."

So what's that one really big present the "Big Brother" star is going to gift the "girl who has everything?"

"I've been recently thinking that I'm going to rescue an animal in her name -- for the girl who has everything, I give you love, like 'NSYNC said," Frankie explained. "[Animal rescue] is something really passionate, something really close to her. Last year, I got her a lot of animal-friendly products, not-tested-on-animal stuff. This year she inspired me by rescuing a cow so maybe you just gave me an idea so now I'm going to rescue a cow."

Last month, Ariana visited PreetiRang Sanctuary, where she snuggled with rescued cows and toured a farm animal refuge. It was adorable.