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7 Unrealistic Expectations You Have From New Year's Eve Movies

New Year's Eve actually kind of sucks.

Ah, New Year's Eve. Time to put on your Sunday best, snuggle up to your gorgeous date, meet up with your friends and loved ones, say goodbye to the garbage that was 2014, and welcome in 2015 with a steamy kiss... or not.

Actually, New Year's Eve is more like "time to spend too much money on an outfit I won't wear again, pray that someone else will be single at this party then be sorely disappointed, and fall asleep by 11:30."

We place nearly all of these unrealistic NYE expectations on movies, since blaming them on our own naivety and tendency to cling to nostalgia is just completely unrealistic -- but not as unrealistic as these seven New Year's movie tropes:

1. Movie Expectation:

Single? No worries! Someone who looks like Zac Efron will kiss you at midnight.


The only other single person at this party is Oren.

2. Movie Expectation:

This will be the be-all, end-all party of the year.


Maybe someone will bring hats.

3. Movie Expectation:



One of these things.

4. Movie Expectation:

Everything that went wrong this year will somehow be corrected by midnight.


You'll have the same problems on January 1.

5.Movie Expectation:

You'll look flawless and classy.



6. Movie Expectation:

Everybody will come together and sing "Auld Lang Syne" at midnight.


Half the party will be asleep by then. Half of the other half will be too busy conversing to even notice that it's midnight.

7. Movie Expectation:

Your New Year's lover will be your OTP.


"I'm just really not looking for anything serious right now."