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Holy S--t — Check Out Kim Kardashian And Kanye West's First Ever Ad Campaign

Wowowowow, when Balmain creative director Olivier Rousteing released those two model army campaign images (ICYMI they're of models playing video games and nomming on burgers) our initial question was: But where's Kendall Jenner?

And after a tepid explanation from Rousteing about why Jenner wasn't in the campaign—"If I took Kendall, it would be in a different concept with different girls," pshhhh, OK—I'd say we now have a better idea of the *real* reason: KIM AND KANYE HAVE THEIR OWN AD.

Buhhhhh, LOOK AT THAT. Can you even handle it??

Of all the designers that Kimye could make their high fashion campaign debut with, Balmain makes a lot of sense.

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After all, it's the label behind some of the couple's most infamous matchy outfits

But back to the campaign.


The look and feel is very much in line with the rest of the campaign:


...dark interiors with choice spotlighting and fluorescents, wet look hair...


...dewy skin and hella cheek bones.

But, y'know, instead of an army of the fashion industry's most esteemed big-name models, you've got Kim and Kanye seconds away from making out, front-and-center above the Balmain typeface logo.

Happy Monday, everyone!