The 11 Best Holiday Movies You Can Watch On Netflix Right Now

Christmas nightmares, Christmas carols, Christmas comedies, and Christmas catwomen.

The halls are decked, the tree is trimmed, and with Christmas week officially here, it is really and truly the most wonderful time of the year! Which is to say, it's time to pour a glass of 'nog, put on a pair of ridiculous pajamas, and watch holiday movies back to back until the chuckling fat man comes down the chimney.

And in what is clearly a seasonal miracle, Netflix has given us a lovely gift: a robust selection of holiday films for all types and all tastes. Below, we round up a few favorites that belong in your queue this week.

  1. "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

    Why it's on the list: Tim Burton's whimsical gothic claymation about a skeleton having a mid-death crisis is the rare film that can be enjoyed on both Halloween and Christmas.

    Watch it if: Your ideal Christmas Eve involves vivid nightmares about the clown with the tearaway face.

  2. "While You Were Sleeping"

    Why it's on the list: Often overlooked on lists of Christmas films, this sweet 1990s rom-com centers on the holiday season in Chicago, and it's held up remarkably well.

    Watch it if: All you want for Christmas is a thousand lingering, loving glory shots of Peter Gallagher's perfect eyebrows.

  3. "The Muppet Christmas Carol"

    Why it's on the list: No Christmas watchlist would be complete without a film based on Dickens' classic story about the miserly Scrooge and his triple holiday haunting.

    Watch it if: You feel emotionally prepared to watch Michael Caine be really, really mean to poor Bob Cratchit the Frog.

  4. "The Preacher's Wife"

    Why it's on the list: Not only is this a pretty good remake of a classic 1947 holiday film, but it features Denzel Washington in a rare romantic turn as a Christmas angel with a big, sweaty crush on Whitney Houston.

    Watch it if: You like your movies like you like your eggnog: extra sweet, and with Denzel Washington all up in it.

  5. "Batman Returns"

    Why it's on the list: This movie has just enough falling snow and twinkling lights to give it a distinctly holiday flavor, but enough gift-wrapped bombs and latex-wrapped Michelle Pfeiffers to satisfy your jones for something more action-packed.

    Watch it if: Nothing gets you in the holiday spirit like Michelle Pfeiffer's opening "Meow."

  6. "Holiday in Handcuffs"

    Why it's on the list: Starring Melissa Joan Hart as a woman who kidnaps a man (Mario Lopez) for Christmas because she can't stand to show up solo, this film is a gift to anyone who ever yearned for "Clarissa Explains It All" to meet "Saved by the Bell".

    Watch it if: Your delight at seeing Clarissa and A.C. Slater onscreen together is powerful enough that you won't actually care how terrible the movie itself is, because oh man, it is really terrible.

  7. "Bad Santa"

    Why it's on the list: If you're dreaming of a blackly funny Christmas, you can't do better than Billy Bob Thornton starring as a misanthropic, alcoholic, sex-addicted mall Santa Claus who detests children.

    Watch it if: You'd rather shoot yourself in the foot than watch another feel-good holiday film.

  8. "Love Actually"

    Why it's on the list: This ensemble Christmas comedy by master hearstring-puller Richard Curtis has been a holiday classic since it released in 2003.

    Watch it if: You need a refresher course on how adorable Andrew Lincoln looked as a lovelorn Brit who could only express his romantic intent in a flashcard presentation.

  9. "Scrooged"

    Why it's on the list: Bill Murray gets the Ebeneezer Scrooge treatment in this 1980s update of Dickens' classic story.

    Watch it if: You prefer your Christmas morality plays without all that Victorian schmaltz.

  10. "Happy Christmas"

    Why it's on the list: Anna Kendrick! Lena Dunham! Indie improv comedy! And of course, the word "Christmas" is in the title.

    Watch it if: You want the uncomfortable, funny authenticity of "Girls," but you also want a Christmas tree.

  11. "White Christmas"

    Why it's on the list: Of all the classic, old-school Hollywood holiday movies out there, this musical about a love quadrangle amongst 1940s supper club singers is the most classic of 'em all.

    Watch it if: You're dreaming of a... well, you know.