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Lil Wayne Got Even More Face Tattoos -- See The Pics

He's running out of space.

Lil Wayne has tattoos in places few others would dare venture -- like on his eyelids and inside his lower lip, for instance -- so his latest aren't all that over-the-top, all things considered.

Still, it's not like you see these everyday.

According to tattoo artist Spider, of San Clemente Tattoo, Weezy recently got some new work done on his face.

Though we can't be certain, according to LilWayneHQ, the ink above his left eyebrow means "momma's boy" in Arabic, while while the piece on his chin is reportedly the Eye of Providence. In case you're wondering (like I was), the Eye of Providence appears on the one-dollar bill and has been associated with the Illumniati, so...yeah...I'm sure people will have fun with that one. Of course, maybe it's just an eye, and not the Eye of Providence.

"Couple pieces I did on my man Li'l Wayne," Spider wrote on Instagram. "Very hospitable, and professional client, thanks, Wayne!"

Later, he posted a close-up of the chin, and again thanked Weezy.

The artist also said that Tunechi signed a shirt for his son, Michael.

Wayne luh da kids.