YouTube/Adam Buxton

Watch A 5 Year-Old Explain To Her Father Why Princess Leia's Slave Outfit Wasn't So Bad

It's a really good look for her!

The skimpy slave outfit that Princess Leia wears after being captured in "Return of the Jedi" might be the most-discussed ensemble ever to appear onscreen. At this point, someone has probably even written an entire doctoral dissertation about it.

But in this animated video from YouTuber Adam Buxton, the man's five year-old daughter just goes ahead and points out to her Dad the real heart of the matter: Jabba the Hutt, for all his faults, really did have pretty impeccable taste in women's clothing.

Dad does his best to explain the controversy surrounding Leia's outfit ("Do you know what the word 'demeaning' is?"), but the kiddo is un-swayed. It looks really nice! It looks so nice, actually, that she takes it a step further and says that if she were imprisoned by Jabba the Hutt, she would want to keep the slave ensemble on even after she'd made her escape:

"I just would want to escape, and just keep wearing that, 'cause it looks really nice. I would just be rescued, and then I would ask them if I could keep this dress on. That's it!"