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Amber And Ethan's Baby Just Got Lots Of Love From The 'Are You The One?' Family

The Season 1 couple received an outpouring of support shortly after Baby Scarlett's birth.

Amber and Ethan's bundle of joy has finally arrived -- and, as expected, the "Are You the One?" peanut is quite a precious plus "one" addition to the couple's growing family (would you look at that face?). The glowing parents certainly don't need a Truth Booth to confirm that their tiny diamond is a perfect match to complement their beautiful, and blossoming, love story.

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Speaking of the stressful TB and the couple's journey in Hawaii, the OG "AYTO" crew congratulated their pals on the brand-new addition:

And some casties from Season 2 also offered some sweet words for Scarlett's folks on their, well, perfect offspring:

Ever since Baby Scarlett's highly anticipated debut, the Season 1 fan favorites have been sharing some updates about their new lives as mom and dad.

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"In awe of our lucky gem! Scarlett Avery Diamond has been shining bright since December 19th - 11:11pm," the new mom tweeted, along with a heartwarming photograph of the trio.

Meanwhile, smitten dad Ethan gushed that he has "fallen in love once more" and welcoming their daughter was "the greatest moment of my life." As for those sleepless nights that come with the territory of having a newborn?

"Oh why hello sunrise, it's been so long since the last time we have been up at the same time. #newdaddylife," E humorously added. Perhaps the last time he stayed up that late was when he was falling for his wife in the Aloha State during the hit MTV series?

Be sure to give your well wishes to Amber, Ethan and Baby Scarlett, and take a look back at the Diamonds' magical proposal below!