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If There's Anyone Who Could Actually Make This Phone Cool Again, It's Drake

You won't catch Drizzy using an iPhone.

You probably won't catch Drake (or at least his crew) standing in line for a new iPhone any time soon.

Drake took to Instagram to share his deep love of the BlackBerry as if it was 2006. "Still PING squad for life," he wrote while also tagging members of the OVO crew.

This wasn't the first time Drake shared his love of the phone. In 2010, he revealed that all of his lyrics are written on a BlackBerry. On the song "Say What's Real," from So Far Gone, he rapped, "I could get money with my eyes closed/Lost some of my hottest verses down in Cabo/So if you find a BlackBerry with the side scroll/Sell that mothaf---er to any rapper that I know."

And all the way back in 2009, Drake appeared on Hot 97 and spit verses written on his BlackBerry.

Earlier this year, gossip site TechCrunch reported that Drake was in talks to become the official spokesperson for the BlackBerry Classic, a recently-launched phone that brings back the original BlackBerry's physical trackpad. However, in a comment to phone technology blog MobileSyrup, a BlackBerry representative said, "We can confirm that we are not in conversations with Drake."

But maybe they should re-think that, because if there's anyone who could actually make BlackBerrys cool again, it's Drake.