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This Teen's Dog Really Did Eat Her Homework—Here's How She Proved It

All she needed was some proof.

At this point, there is perhaps no excuse a student could use that's less believable than “my dog ate my homework." Any teacher in the country would laugh you out of the classroom if you tried it. Unless, of course, you have x-ray proof.

ABC News reports that a student in Texas named Reagan Hardin was able to get an extension on her homework assignment after her pit bull Roscoe swallowed a diorama she’d made of a barnyard scene. The dog had to have emergency surgery, because the diorama was made out of chicken wire and small pieces of plastic.

Luckily for Reagan, the veterinarians had his best interests at heart: “They removed it all, and they sent me a picture of it," Reagan explained.

When the teacher saw the X-ray proof, Reagan was allowed to make a second version. Meanwhile, Roscoe is recovering from surgery.

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