Nicki Minaj Dropped A Movie For The Pinkprint And It's A Gut-Wrenching Ride Through A Relationship's Demise

If you've ever been in a toxic relationship, Nicki's new video will ring especially true for you.

Tonight Nicki Minaj began to hint that there was a visual to accompany her newly-dropped album The Pinkprint, and sure enough, Revolt premiered a sixteen-minute-clip featuring several of her new songs tonight.

The video starts off with her album opener "All Things Go" and a city at night, then it transitions into the Jessie Ware-featuring "The Crying Game" and Nicki drives around mourning the loss of a relationship and eventually gets into a car crash. This leads to the drama and pain of "I Lied" and finally, closes out with her sitting tight-lipped next to her man in a restaurant, interspersed with clips of her singing her heart out in an idyllic, natural setting soundtracked by "Grand Piano." Finally, in the end, she leaves him.

If there was ever any doubt that the core of the The Pinkprint is Nicki's broken heart, this video cements it. Watch the arresting medley in full below: