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This Episode Of 'Seinfeld' Inspired Wale's New Mixtape

'Festivus for the rest of us!'

We've been waiting for a while on Wale's new album, The Album About Nothing, and though we don't know exactly when it'll drop, we do know that we'll be getting a different "Seinfeld"-inspired project in the meantime.

Festivus, the title of the mixtape, is -- like the album -- inspired by "Seinfeld." In 1997, the beloved sitcom aired an episode called "The Strike," which introduced the term. It was invented by George Costanza's father, as a way to push back against the holiday season's constant commercialism.

In the years since, it's continued to gain popularity, and even has a pretty extensive Wikipedia page.

In addition to news about the tape and a trailer, the DMV rapper and avid fan of the show released a new song, "Miracle On U Street," which you can check out below.

Look out for Festivus on December 23 (which is the actual date of the holiday, according to the show).