31 Reasons Steven Yeun Is Your Perfect TV Boyfriend

Witty, handsome, and a pro zombie slayer.

He's smart, he's sweet, he's sexy, and he's wildly resourceful at finding ways to keep the zombie hordes at bay -- which is why Steven Yeun, a.k.a. Glenn Rhee of "The Walking Dead" is far and away our favorite television boyfriend.

And since it's Steven's birthday today, we've decided to celebrate it in the best possible way: with a roundup of the 31 reasons (one for every year of his life) why this is the guy we want by our side when the dead walk the earth.

  1. He always has something smart to say.

    Has anyone else noticed that Glenn delivers literally every good one-liner in the show?

  2. Out of character, he's probably the coolest dude on "The Walking Dead."

    You thought it was Norman Reedus, but as you can see, he tries way too hard. Steven is organic cool.

  3. He's not into posturing.

    Some guys (ahem, Rick) would have tried to pretend like being smeared with noxious zombie guts was no big deal. Glenn's honesty is downright refreshing.

  4. But he's also brave as a motherf---er.

    Someone needs to descend into a well and loop a rope around the neck of a disgusting, bloated, starving walker, and Glen is all, I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE. That takes guts.

  5. And he doesn't get discouraged when things go wrong.

    Speaking of the well zombie, this is the moment at which we, personally, would have collapsed in a blubbering heap on the ground and declared survival to be a lost cause. Not Glenn, though! He just keeps on keeping on.

  6. He's super-cute when he's excited.

    Never has there been a purer happiness than Glenn Rhee behind the wheel of a souped-up Dodge Challenger.

  7. He's a cuddler.

    It doesn't even matter if you're covered in somebody else's viscera; it's SNUGGLE TIME.

  8. He's musical.

    If he can play "More Than Words" on that thing, this is officially a Forever Crush.

  9. He doesn't play dumb dating games.

    Above: The most refreshingly straightforward sex ever to take place on primetime TV.

  10. He's seriously solid in a crisis.

    Your girlfriend walks out of a prison holding a blood-covered infant, and you don't even ask. That's hardcore.

  11. Sometimes, he just likes to hold hands.

    That's sweet.

  12. He's loyal.

    Remember when Glenn took the world's worst beating to protect his friends? Every bruise was a badge of courage that made him exponentially hotter.

  13. He's always prepared.

    If you know what we mean.

  14. And he's pretty awesome at screwing.


  15. Um, seriously, though.

    BRB, hyperventilating.

  16. Kissing Glenn comes with zero risk of beard burn.
    Gene Page/AMC

    In a world where disposable razors and reliable running water are a thing of the past, most of the men are sporting sandpaper-like chin pubes that'll basically rip your face off during makeouts (that is, if they haven't made like Rick and gone full-on "Duck Dynasty.") But not Glenn; a year-plus after the fall of civilization as we know it, this is as scruffy as he ever gets, and it is delightful.

  17. He'll never give up on you.

    This, right here, is what you want your TV boyfriend's face to look like when he realizes you're alive.

  18. He stands on ceremony when it's important.

    Yeah, we're gonna stick with the guy who doesn't just want to set everything on fire.

  19. He's almost definitely a secret super-freak.

    Lose the baseball bat-wielding villain and the cannibal slaughterhouse set, and this scene becomes interesting in a "Fifty Shades of Glenn" kind of way.

  20. He admits his mistakes.

    Could've lied and looked like a hero. Didn't. Adorable.

  21. He's got his priorities straight.

    When the walkers come a-biting, Glenn will make sure you escape through the trap-door exit first.

  22. He makes time for intimacy.

    You know what they say: If you don't show your wife that you care, there are plenty of guys out there who will... by eating her intestines for lunch.

  23. He remembers your anniversary.

    This is awesome even under normal circumstances, but in a world without calendars, it's a particularly nifty trick.

  24. He says all the right things when you're about to die.

    Necessary lifeskills.

  25. He's good at reading instructions.

    You just know that Glenn would never bring home the wrong brand of laundry detergent, if laundry were still a thing that existed.

  26. He stood up to Merle.

    It takes some serious guts to headbutt the guy with a weaponized hand stump.

  27. He punched Abraham.

    We all wanted to do it, but Glenn did it, and that makes him the best.

  28. He'll let you sleep in.

    She's probably been drooling on his shoulder for hours, and he doesn't even mind.

  29. And yes, he can kill zombies real good.

    Every time Glenn severs a head, our hearts beat just a little harder.

  30. Also, he's just pretty to look at.

    Not sure what Glenn is doing here, but he should continue doing it, because he looks lovely.

  31. Finally, he cleans up awfully nice.

    Yes, hello, fire department? My underpants just burst into flame.