Animal Prosthetics Took A Huge Leap Forward Thanks To 3D Printing—Watch

This adorable husky is the guinea pig for a brand new technology.

See Derby run!

The energetic husky mix wasn’t always as fleet of foot as he is now, though.

The lovable pooch was born with deformations in both of his front legs, but with the help of 3D technology, the Derbster is now off and running.

Tara Anderson, who works for a computer manufacturing company called 3D Systems, decided to outfit Derby with personalized prosthetic legs after hearing of the dog’s story through Peace and Paws, a nonprofit dog rescue organization.

Derby’s new legs were custom made with a 3D printer. Once he was outfitted with the limbs, his adoptive owners couldn’t keep up with him.

“The first time he was put on them, and he took off running, he was just so happy,” Derby’s adoptive parent Sherry Portanova told People.

In the video, Derby’s prosthetics are low so he can get used to them. As he becomes more comfortable, Anderson will outfit him with progressively longer legs until he reaches his optimal height.

Currently, Anderson is 3D printing the 4th version of Derby’s prosthetics.

"This is what 3D printing is all about," said Anderson. “To be able to help anybody, a dog, person, whoever, to have a better life, is just, there’s no better thing to be involved in."