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23 Ways Ariana Grande Broke Free In 2014

Ariana turned into a bona fide star and killed it in everything she did.

The year 2014 was undeniably a massive one for Ariana Grande.

She released her second album, which debuted at No. 1, collaborated with a host of artists and took home a slew of awards. But there was so much more.

This was a year that, in my opinion, Ariana really did "Break Free." She let her hair down, threw on some boots and showed us some serious sass all while dominating pop music.

So let's celebrate this milestone year for the "Problem" singer with the 23 ways she broke free in 2014.

  1. Biker Babe

    Got our first look at Ariana 2.0 with the promo shots for her "Problem" single. Gone were the sweet, demure bows, and in their place was a biker badass.

  2. Don't Forget The Thigh-High Boots

    Then she added in some dominatrix boots.

  3. And Even Higher Ponys

    Add in some leather and a ponytail, and your lewk is complete.

  4. But She Wasn't Afraid To Let Her Hair Down
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    Ariana ditched the up-dos for the MTV EMA, causing us to full on freak out over her 100% loose locks.

  5. And Throw On Some Cat Ears

    Ariana's signature look of 2014.

  6. She Went To Space

    No, she didn't literally go to space, but took us on quite an interstellar adventure in her "Break Free" video.

  7. With Boob Rockets

    Yes, boob rockets. Katy Perry would be proud.

  8. She Went Public With Her Boyfriend

    Big Sean + Ariana = my favorite new couple of 2014.

  9. She Embraced Her Embarrassing Moments

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    Can't say getting hit with a Victoria's Secret Angel wing has happened to us all of us (well, actually probably none of us), but she handled it like a pro.

  10. She Told Some Dirty Jokes

    And Ed Sheeran was on the receiving end!

  11. She Was Even Classy To The Haters

    Even with Bette Midler's shade, Ariana's still quoting the "First Wives Club." I mean, how could you not love that?

  12. She Had Her Brother's Back

    Ariana questioned her Catholic faith after the church in which she was raised wasn’t inclusive of gay people, Ariana's brother, Frankie, is gay. The two then checked out a Kabbalah center and had a "connection with it."

  13. And Shut Down The Diva Rumors

    Ariana took to Twitter to vent her frustrations for the rumors that she had some diva-like backstage behavior.

  14. She Also Gave Us This Gem Of A Pop Song

    One less "Problem," and one song we couldn't stop obsessing over.

  15. She Made New Friends

    Who dat? Who dat? I-G-G-Y.

  16. She Busted Out Some Moves

    In some serious heels. Impressive!

  17. She Opened The 2014 VMAs!

    And won her very first VMA for Best Pop Video! Get it.

  18. She Hit Us With A "Bang Bang"

    So much girl power on one song.

  19. She Experimented With EDM

    Zedd helped Ariana get her fist-pump on.

  20. And Even Got A Little Country

    She literally lit up the Country Music Awards stage with Little Big Town.

  21. She Even Had The Power To Bring Back "TRL"

    Make that, "TAL": "Total Ariana Live."

  22. And Was Always On Top...

    Of the charts.

  23. Time To Catch Your Breath, Ariana

    Because it's almost time for a big 2015.