All The Ways 'Fantasy Factory''s Rob Dyrdek Made Us LMAO In 2014

The show returns on New Year's Day, but this will tide you over 'til then.

Not only is Rob Dyrdek a fearless stuntman and proprietor of an INCREDIBLE giant foam pit, he proved earlier this year -- when he announced the return of the canceled "Fantasy Factory" -- that he could bend the laws of time and space. As if his hat could handle any more feathers!

For six seasons -- between crafting his own BM-themed buffet and burning rubber in a penis car -- Rob and his loyal team have proven that even the wackiest ideas have a place in reality, but in 2014, he truly outdid himself. Look back the many reasons we couldn't help but love him from the past year, catch the "Fantasy Factory" launch special on December 27 at 10 a.m. (a HUGE marathon will air right after) and be sure to watch the Season 7 premiere at 10/9c on New Year's Day!