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Here Are The Perfect Gifts For The Undercover 'Harry Potter' Fan In Your Life

Accio perfect gift!

Photos by Colin Douglas Gray

It can be hard out there for a "Harry Potter" fan. Everyone walking around out there, not knowing what house they're in, or the gravity of that an Avada Kedavra carries. People thinking the Dark Mark is just a cute symbol. Squibs, all of 'em.

So short of brandishing a wand and a golden Snitch, what's a "Potter" fan to do to identify other true believers and show their fannish pride out in the Muggle world?

We have a few ideas of what the stealth Hogwarts alum in your life might need to find under the Whomping Willow make their holidays happy.

  1. A Gryffindor scarf for every personality.
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    Both stylish (is your flavor more an up-and-up house pride stripe, or a stylized Snitch Fair Isle?) and practical (wooly! Warm!), these scarves serve as a subtle, grown-up accessory that also says, "Hey, remember the time we lost 15 points for spiking the pumpkin juice? That was a blast."

  2. Useful bags to put wizarding things in.
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    Whether a tote or a reversible backpack, both representing all four of Hogwarts' houses, there are all kinds of magical bags to put all of your magical things in. (There are even pockets for small items like Time Turners. Thoughtful!)

  3. Sometimes, a wand can serve more than one purpose.
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    This wand is actually a remote control, and also multitasks as a useful pointer in presentations. Versatile!

  4. Business attire can also be house attire.
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    Show off your Gryffindor pride and your snappy dress sense with this tie.

  5. Shoes perfect for sneaking around.
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    These Marauders Map slip-ons are the sneakiest sneakers of all, and fancy cape-adorned socks certainly won't slow you down.

  6. A mug for stealth sipping, and a phone case for all your magical conversations.
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    No potions, just tea. And when you can't get your hands on an owl, a phone will have to do.

  7. A smart journal to write your smart thoughts.
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    Ravenclaws in the house, we know you've got things to say. Why not put them in this fancy leather-bound journal adorned with the smartest of house crests?

  8. A little luck never hurt.
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    The next best thing to the real elixir.

  9. And sometimes, you've just gotta wear a robe.
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    Subtlety is lost on some. Lean into it. Wear the robe. Be your own magical self.