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'Arrow' And 'Hobbit' Star Is On Target For MTV’s 'Shannara'

Actor Manu Bennett's ready to explore the postapocalyptic world.

Some new life has just been breathed into MTV's postapocalyptic word.

The network's upcoming "Shannara," based on Terry Brooks’ best-selling fantasy books, will follow the Shannara family as they navigate a world in which society has collapsed. Austin Butler has already been tapped to star as the half-human/half-elf protagonist Wil Ohmsford, and now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, "Arrow" and "The Hobbit" star Manu Bennett has joined his ranks.

The New Zealand native will play the "wise, perceptive" Allanon, who is the single remaining druid of his kind in Shannara. When he notices the wise tree Ellcrys starting to die, he becomes sure something is wrong and enlists the help of Wil, who has a link to ancient magic, to help save the story's four lands. And we thought getting to work by 8 a.m. was a tall task...

Bennett also joins Aaron Jakubenko, who's been cast as Elven Prince Ander, and Poppy Drayton, who will play Ander's niece and Elven princess Amberle.

How do you think the Shannara cast is shaping up? Share your thoughts, and stay tuned to MTV News for more updates on "Shannara."