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Tom Hiddleston Sings Christmas Carols While Holding A Puppy, And We Literally Cannot: Watch Now

Christmas just came early for Hiddlestoners

The boys and girls of Tumblr must have been very good this year, because Tom Hiddleston just gave the Internet the greatest gift anyone could have ever possibly conceived. (Besides finding him wrapped in a bow under the tree, of course.)

A new video uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday (Dec. 16) shows the Brit singing a Christmas carol, and -- wait is that a dog in his lap?! This is too much.

Country singer Rodney Crowell joins the "Avengers" actor in the dangerously adorable clip, accompanying him on acoustic guitar.

The duo is busy at work, recording the soundtrack “I Saw the Light”, an upcoming Hank Williams biopic in which Hiddleston plays the title role. Crowell, who serves as the film’s executive producer and vocal couch, also has a role as Williams’ father, Elonzo Williams.

Are you swooning yet? Feel free to replay as many times as you need to fully take in Hiddleston’s boyish charm, the holiday cheer and Crowell’s cute dog named Mono. It's honestly too much for one viewing.