Is Ansel Elgort Ditching Movies For Music in 2015?

'It's called Shadow, or I Will Be A Shadow,' Ansel said of his EDM album.

Of course you know Ansel Elgort, the actor, but what if I told you you're about to meet Ansel Elgort, the musician?

Well, soon enough, you will. The "Fault In Our Stars" star, who's known as Ansolo in the music world, is gearing up to show us what he can do off-camera as he is set to release his very first EDM album in early 2015.

"I have a record coming out hopefully next month or in February that has crossover potential. It has radio appeal," Ansel told us on the red carpet of Z100's Jingle Ball concert.

"It's called Shadow, or I Will Be A Shadow. I'm not sure yet. It has a vocal on it. No, it's not my vocal -- it's my production. I wanted to make sure that people knew that I was the producer and not the vocalist."

That distinction is an important one to make for the breakout star, who has released remixes of Lana Del Rey and Felix Cartal with Clockwork and is frequently performing in front of packed crowds, since he sees that confusion all too often in the EDM world.

"For example, with Calvin Harris people are like, 'Oh, Calvin Harris is the guy that sang 'Feel So Close'...but he's the producer. The vocal is probably what he spent only 20 minutes recording or a couple hours," he said. "But the record he probably spent a month producing, so production is what I'm more into."

That doesn't mean he's ruling out his vocals in the future. The "Insurgent" actor admitted he "can sing" and will do it "eventually," but for now he's all about producing.

Rest, easy Ansel fans -- just because he's releasing an album, that doesn't mean he won't focus on his budding movie career.

"I'm probably doing 4 or 5 movies, but I can do it both at the same time," he said. "The thing is you have so much downtime and like what do you do with that downtime? Do you make an ass out of yourself and party and do stupid things? Or do you stay artistic and do something you love? So that's what music is for me."