So, Bruno Mars Wore Curlers To Perform On 'The Voice' Last Night

Bad hair day?

You know when you're getting ready to go out and you just totally—like, so badly—underestimate how long it'll take you to do your hair? Liiiike, you thought you'd be done by now but your hair is still half-wet? Yeah. Well, based on his performance look for The Voice last night, Bruno Mars knows your struggle.


For his performance of "Uptown Funk," Bruno traded in his typically coiffed 'do for a set of gold curlers. Is that the secret behind your voluminous locks, Bruno? Did you forget you had 'em in orrrr was this deliberate? Considering you remembered your sunglasses, I get the feeling it was 100% intentional.

The look was so perplexing to some Voice watchers, that I actually saw photos of TVs in my Facebook newsfeed asking, essentially, "WTF?"

So, did Bruno run out of time or is he just channeling his inner Bradley Cooper and/or grandmother? Also, if this is gonna become a trend, we all need to invest in gold curlers—anything else will look unintentional, for sure.