Charli XCX Got A Sex Toy From Azealia Banks: 11 Things We Learned From Her Live Stream

Charli XCX performed "Live From MTV" — and taught us a ton about herself in the process.

We're still trying to recover after Charli XCX's "Live From MTV" performance -- and we're not entirely sure what blew us away the most: her rendition of "Break The Rules," "Gold Coins" or those wicked iridescent wedges she was sporting.

Bathing in the afterglow, however, we took a few important facts away from our interactions with Charli -- and more than a few of them were kind of dirty. Check out a recap of the whole experience below -- in the form of 11 things we just learned about Charli XCX.

  1. She Celebrated Her Album Release In A Very Wholesome Way

    "I actually was kind of celebrating my album release in a way I never thought I would be," Charli told MTV News. Instead of popping bottles, the "Break The Rules" singer fêted Sucker by ice skating with Nick Jonas and girlfriend Olivia Culpo in Boston for Jingle Ball.

    "It was very bizzare, PG, wholesome fun," Charli said. "I did not fall once."

  2. One Of Her Songs Has Its Own Instagram Account

    If you guessed the jam in question was masturbation celebration "Body Of My Own," you get a prize -- in the form of this quote from Charli on the subject: "I really wanted to write that song. Everyone does it. No one talks about it. I don't think it's an issue." Amen, lady.

  3. "Breaking Up" Was Not Based On Experience

    "A lot of this record was really, really personal. Funnily enough, the most unpersonal song on the record is 'Breaking Up,' which was written whilst I was in a relationship," Charli said of the jam, which was inspired by the Violent Femmes song by the same name.

  4. Azealia Banks Gave Her A Very, Um, Personal Gift

    "Azealia Banks actually bought me a dildo when I played at her Mermaid Ball show. I did not name it," Charli said, declining to comment when an audience member suggested calling it "Iggy."

  5. Last Night She Dined In Style

    Charli hit up Hooters for some boneless wings Tuesday night, pissing off all the sports fans when she asked that the TVs be tuned in to her "Letterman" performance.

  6. Her Tour Rider Is Pretty Boozy

    She said that it includes champagne, vodka and cups. Practical.

  7. Taylor's Birthday Involved A Lot Of Dancing

    Charli hit up Taylor Swift's 25th after Billboard's Women In Music celebration last week. "That was such a fun night -- but like good fun," she said. "Like wholehearted fun. There I am. Me and my girls had a serious dance-off."

  8. If She Could Be Any Spice Girl, She Would Be...

    When she was younger, she would have picked Baby. Now, it's all about Posh. "She's very chic in the most tacky way," she said.

  9. If She Could Be A Disney Princess, She Would Be...

    Alice In Wonderland! "She has good adventures, I think," Charli said.

  10. She Would Pick 5SOS Over 1D

    Charli shared that she's hung out with Michael Clifford in the past. "I think he's the authentic one," she said. Must be the hair.

  11. The Weirdest Gift She's Ever Received Will Haunt Your Nightmares

    David Letterman presented her with a fake cat arm that roars and purrs. "It also kind of looks like a sex toy," she said. Shudder.