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All We Want For Christmas Is Kristen Stewart's 3 Metallic Smoky Eye Looks

Buh-bye cat eye.

When we typically think of smoky eyes, it takes tons of black eye shadow, liner, and blending skills to create that oh-so-dramatic nighttime look. This season, though, we were itchin' to find something a bit more wearable for the daytime that also had the holiday sparkle we were looking for. Luckily, someone we know has been nailing the metallic smoky eye all fall long: Kristen Stewart.

Our girl has been showing us some stellar ways to punch up her piercing green peepers while promoting her films Still Alice and Camp X-Ray as of late, and it was just the inspiration we needed to temporarily retire our go-to cat eye. (We still love you!) Here's three looks we're dyin' to try this season–courtesy of K Stew's gorgeous face.

The Light, Silvery-Blue Smoky Eye

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For the perfect daytime makeup–that still stands out!–we love this silvery blue smoky eye that amps up any holiday outfit in a snap. She started with a reddish-brown shadow as the base and extended it just under her eyebrow. Then, she layered a super shimmery silver shadow on her top and bottom lid. To get that drama, she added a touch of smudgy eyeliner right at her waterline and tapped an extra light, white shimmery shade on the insides of her eyes to make ’em pop. Finally, she applied a coat of mascara to both the bottom and top lashes and amped up her gorgeous eyebrows with a touch of the perfect brown brow pencil. *claps*

The Brown And Teal Smoky Eye

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If silver ain't your thang but you still want a killer metallic look, we're obsessed with this shimmery chestnut and teal smoky eyeshadow combo she wore in November. She started off with a dark brown, matte shadow in the crease of her lid and added a super glittery light brown shadow on top. Then, she created a dramatic smoky eye by blending teal liner from the middle of her lid outward, getting heavier as it reached the outer corners of her eyes. She lined the bottom of her peepers in the same teal shade, but smudged it up a bit to create that signature smoky eye look.

The Sultry Turquoise Smoky Eye

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To get a more dramatic metallic shadow look, we highly suggest this insanely on-point smoky eye with a touch of turquoise. Here, she has all the signature smoky eye staples (a lighter brown shade on the crease of her lid and a smudgy liner extended extra far around the edges of her entire eye) but added a metallic turquoise shadow to the inner parts of her lids–top and bottom!–to create a more intensely colorful look. Perfection.