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Does 5 Seconds Of Summer Look Really Old To You Or Nah?

With each and every red carpet appearance, 5 Seconds of Summer's personal style becomes a wee bit more polished and sophisticated. Their jeans become a little skinnier, their band tees get a little less ripped, and their flannels look as though they were draped around their hips, just so, by a professional stylist (which they probably were, and which we'd gladly do if they're hiring?).

But last night, when the boys hit the ol' step-and-repeat at DC's Jingle Ball, their style seemed more grown-up than ever—so grown up, in fact, that they looked more like octogenarians than the object of teen girls' affections.

They ditched their rock star gear for vintage threads that looked like they were stolen from the local nursing home. Ashton wore a dapper tweed blazer and carried a cane. Calum had a gray mustache and a sweater vest that'd make Mr. Rogers jealous. Michael was rocking a maxi skirt, knotted shawl, and leopard house slippers. And Luke, with his oversized sunglasses, looked exactly like someone's great-grandmother—also confusingly like Kurt Cobain, but that's probably just a coincidence, right?

Why did 5SOS attend Jingle Ball looking like your elderly next-door neighbors who smell like moth balls? WHO KNOWS. But if anyone can make khaki chinos look cool, it's them.