From Janet To Whitney To Bjork: 8 Acts Who Should Make The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

So, we have some suggestions, guys...

So we're pretty excited about 2015's Rock And Roll Hall of Fame inductees -- Green Day and Joan Jett and the Blackhearts in particular -- but, as is human, we do think that just a few worthy names have been left off the list. And by a few, we mean roughly eight.

MTV New's Rob Markman will be breaking down why one act in particular should have made the cut (ahem, N.W.A., ahem), so we'll let him take that away, but, in the meantime, here's just a few amazing acts we wish were taking the stage at Cleveland’s Public House this coming Spring. Oh! And we made a playlist for those who might not be familiar. Happy listening...

  1. The Pixies

    This late '80s alt band -- which is still kicking around today give or take a few original members -- basically changed and influenced rock music for years to come, helping shape the musical style of bands like Nirvana, who were ushered into the Rock Hall in 2014.

  2. The Slits

    An all-female punk band that picked up electric guitars and drumsticks when that idea was basically unheard of? The Slits are already a legend -- and they're more than Rock Hall-ready. Still, when pals The Sex Pistols were inducted in 2006, they refused to come and called the place a "piss stain," so who's to say Viv Albertine and the remaining members (RIP Ari Up) would make an appearance?

  3. Sonic Youth
    Getty Images North America

    At this past Rock And Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, while watching Kim Gordon thrash about with the remaining members of Nirvana to "Aneurysm," the prevailing thought in a lot of attendees' minds was: "When will Kim and Sonic Youth get their shot?" Noise rock pioneers, the band's members are prolific, Gordon founding the band Body/Head -- among other projects -- and ex-husband/bandmate Thurston Moore forming Chelsea Light Moving.

  4. Björk

    From her first 1977 record (recorded when she was a pre-teen) to alt-rock act The Sugarcubes to her app-as-album Biophilia, Björk has had a far-reaching and impressive career -- to say the least. Also, imagine what she would wear to the induction ceremony...

  5. Whitney Houston

    This is just one that makes you want to slap yourself in the head, right? Right. Get it together, Rock Hall.

  6. Janet Jackson

    This is another head-smacker. I mean, all of her bros are in the Hall -- the Jackson 5 were inducted in 1997 and Michael got his solo spot in 2001. Plus, her iconic Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814 turns 25 this year... and a place in the Rock Hall would make the perfect birthday present.

  7. Bad Brains

    Among the first hardcore bands, Bad Brains merged punk with reggae, playing faster (and better) than many of their contemporaries.

  8. The Smiths

    Seriously, guys -- how soon is NOW?