Fall Out Boy Drop Two New Tracks, Promise To Fill Arenas In 2015

With American Beauty/American Psycho, Wentz and Co. think beyond the garage.

Don't expect Fall Out Boy to be hitting up too many club shows come 2015 -- according to Pete Wentz, their upcoming album American Beauty/American Psycho was made for stadiums, arenas and festivals. Translation: If you thought the band's single "Centuries" was epic-sounding, you ain't heard nothing yet.

"We went around the world following Save Rock And Roll and played bigger shows than any of us had expected," Wentz told MTV News of the band's last album. "We shared the stage with Eminem and we played with Metallica and we played with Linkin Park. That's where the idea of 'Centuries' came [from].... That's [like] when I was growing up and looking at Michael Jackson and Queen and Guns 'n' Roses -- they were playing these amazing huge shows, but the songs were still epic and heartfelt."

FOB's sixth studio album is due out on January 20, with two track dropping just the other day: the more subtle, croon-y "The Kids Aren't Alright" and the frenetic, manic title track, which samples Mötley Crüe’s “Too Fast For Love." The video for that song drops Monday night (December 15) at 7 pm ET.

In a way, Wentz and Co. sampling Mötley Crüe is fitting, as they're looking to bring that same kind of big stadium, rock-the-eff-out energy back to the charts.

"I feel like that's missing in young contemporary rock music," Wentz said. "Everybody wants to hide in their garage and play to, like, seven people. That's cool. There's a place for that. That's just never been Fall Out Boy's place -- or where we've imagined our place."

Perhaps that place is on the charts, which have seen scant few rock acts ascending of late? I guess we'll find out come January.