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Rihanna Really Wants You To See What Her Hair Looks Like Now

The color brown has never looked so good.

There are a few pretty important questions I've just accepted I'll never know the answers to. For instance, is Taylor Swift secretly amassing a large celebrity army to take over the world? How many scrunchies does Miley Cyrus own? And most important of all, has Rihanna ever had a bad hair day? Well, judging from the Instagram photos she just uploaded of her brand new 'do, I think the answer is actually fairly obvious: HECK NO.

Apparently Badgal has ditched the super sleek, long gray ponytail she wore at the Diamond Ball in favor of some voluminous brunette waves that are giving me major flashbacks to her "Music Of The Sun" album cover. And just to be sure you saw it, she posted the same shot to Instagram TWICE (but with different filters, of course).

Rih might be back to red, green, pink, or blue by tonight since the speed at which she goes through hair colors is so fast that it's not yet measurable by ~science~, but this no-fuss brown shade is truly A+ on her.