8 Perfect 'Star Wars' Hanukkah Gifts You Won't Need To Force On Your Friends

You love these...we know.

Once again, it's the most wonderful time of the year: Hanukkah! This year, there's no turkey intruding and trying to steal the show from the Festival of Lights. No jiggly wibbly wobbly cranberry sauce getting all up in the menorah. Only pure Hanukkah joy.

Of course, the only thing better than Hanukkah time is when it's hit with a little bit of "Star Wars." Admit it, you love it, and you wish you could just mash the two up and celebrate your own personal Festival of Lights(aber). Well, now you can. Your pals at MTV News (us!) have found eight amazing gifts, one to bestow upon your Force-loving friends and family each night of the holiday.

One thing is for certain: these are the "Star Wars"-themed Hanukkah gifts you are looking for. Let's put the "Han" in Hanukkah, folks.

  1. This Millennium Falcon kippah.

    Since you'll have to celebrate in style, why not wear the ship that can make the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs right on top of your noggin? That's what we thought. (Buy it.)

  2. Nine of these candlesticks

    A "Star Wars" menorah is hard to find, but you know what's even better? Nine friggin lightsaber candlesticks to make your own free-form menorah. Now that's what we call a light side. (Light 'em up.)

  3. These Stormtrooper chocolates

    Gelt, anyone? (Eat it.)

  4. A useful bag to put things in
    Random Badge

    Chewie can get it. (Put your things in it.)

  5. These non-specific nerdy holiday greetings.

    Hey, nobody said there's no nice list for Hanukkah. Certainly not Lando. (Send it.)

  6. This very declarative shirt.

    For the friend who just wants to tell people who they are: not only a "Star Wars" fan, but one of the Chosen as well. (Get it.)

  7. These Yoda latkes

    Yes, they're cookie cutters, but here's the trick: use them to shape your latkes, and -- bang -- you're eating a potato Yoda. (Dish it up.)

  8. This Droidel

    Droidel, Droidel, Droidel, I made you out of THE DARK SIDE. And origami paper. And now you can craft one of your own. (Fold it.)

  9. Bonus: This glove that lets you use the Force -- of science

    Listen, it's not Hanukkah-specific, but this thing is cool. HAHAHA WHAT. You can push and pull things using magnets the Force! Just, WHAT! Get it! Get it!