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Kanye West Has One Rule When Out To Dinner With Kim Kardashian

Put down your phone.

Kanye West is laying down the rules when it comes to dates with wife Kim Kardashian.

Kim gave up some dirt on her husband to Paper magazine -- either before or after the magazine released their nude pics of her -- on his one strict rule for when they dine out.

"Kanye didn't have a phone for four years," she explained. "Especially when we first started dating it was rude to bring our phones with us out, so I learned from him to not really bring my phone."

She later continued, "We have rules at the table. If we are eating at a restaurant, we'll wait to do it (take pictures) when we are done eating. He's taught me to take a little time for myself, and I've taught him stop a little more to take time and take pictures and stuff. I think we've both taught each other a lot, and it's kept it at a good balance."

But revealing her dining habits wasn't the only thing Kim divulged. The reality star was asked what is the craziest thing she's ever read about herself, and let us warn you, it's pretty weird.

"The strangest thing I ever read about myself was that I was obsessed with killing raccoons and really weird animals," she said. "And this person gave a fake police report, this whole story about how I took my high heels and would stomp on them, it was the weirdest story I've ever read."

Yep, that's pretty strange.