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Watch Wiz Khalifa Sit Through The Most Uncomfortable Interview Ever

'The Eric Andre Show' strikes again.

Wiz Khalifa sat through what has to be one of the oddest, most uncomfortable interviews ever during a recent sit-down with Adult Swim's “The Eric Andre Show.”

How crazy was it?

Let’s just say a George Clooney impersonator who doesn’t really look like George Clooney pops up from of the host’s desk out of nowhere. Then, the man who’s supposed to be Clooney rolls off the set inexplicably.

A naked P.A. is then asked to come out only to get punched repeatedly for no reason. By the end of the interview, the set is destroyed.

Wiz, smoking up on his seat, is - you guessed it - super chill throughout the whole experience. He does get visibly uncomfortable from time to time, of course. I mean, can you blame him?

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