Only Bill Nye Could Explain The Complexities Of Evolution Entirely In Emojis—Watch

It's a simple as hair flip hair flip eggplant poop.

Love the theory of evolution but hate having to explain it to people in words and, you know, facts? Not to worry, science guy Bill Nye's got you covered with his fully emojized take on how us humans—and the rest of the planet—came to be. Emojis! Science! A perfect combination: Emojical Science.

I mean, sometimes science is hard to understand and explain. It's not like we all just popped up here overnight—it took billions of years for all that to happen. Apparently planet Earth did not wake up like this — further proof we can't all be Beyoncé.

So Mashable did what Mashable does best: used Internet stuff to talk about real-life stuff. And, well, Bill Nye's involved because honestly would you trust another human being to do this sort of thing justice?

Now, not to speak for the entire human race, but: there's got to be a few more eggplants involved in our creation, though: right, Bill?