Iggy Azalea and Nick Young Took Their Adorable Couple Status To A New Level With This Forever 21 Ad

Channing Tatum can't even come between this power couple.

Iggy Azalea and Nick Young are one of the coolest couples in America and they recently showed off their adorable chemistry in a Forever 21 ad in which they play “Questions from a Hat."

We find out all sorts of stuff in this hilarious ad. I mean, how else would we know that Iggy cried while watching "Seabiscuit?" Did you know Nick thinks Iggy is “obsessed” with Channing Tatum? Yeah, they're secure enough take it there.

In the clip, Azalea manages to tease Nick right back—playfully making fun of his answers—but it's pretty clear she's just as smitten as him. And apparently, Forever 21 is smitten too, because they just made Nick and Iggy the faces of their newest campaign.

Nick is all smiles in the clip, and why wouldn't he be? He's dating one of the world's most sought after rap stars and he hit the game-winning shot in the Lakers victory over the San Antonio Spurs last night.

Iggy and Nick have been dating for more than a year now (ever since their first date at Target) and they often share their affection on social media, including this post from Nick showing how he tends to his girlfriend when she's tired from winning so many awards.

With this ad and their charming impromptu dance-offs, you wonder if they've talked about marriage more than just a couple of times now, right? Whether that's in store remains to be seen, but this ad continues to prove the power couple is going strong.