A First Look At Lindsay Lohan's New Celebrity iPhone Game 'The Price Of Fame'

Although it is similar to 'Kim Kardashian Hollywood,' it differs in some major ways.

Remember how earlier this year Kim Kardashian made an iPhone game called "Kim Kardashian Hollywood" that kind of broke the internet before her #BreakTheInternet Paper magazine cover was even out? Well, another celebrity has thrown her hat into the celebrity personality iPhone game—and it's none other than Lindsay Lohan.

While Kim's game is all about climbing your way up the ranks from the pitiful D-List to the coveted A-List, Lindsay's focuses more on the cost of becoming famous, hence the game's title "The Price Of Fame." Yet, while KKH stayed almost eerily true to Kim's own storyline and included real details from her life, Lindsay's is only vaguely connected.

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Everything starts out pretty normal in the opening of the game:

But then, it seems like fame is getting a more ominous rap in this iPhone game world:

Even Lindsay herself has some warnings for us before the game begins:

Instead of starting out with an avatar, first you have to gain enough fans to earn one! Basically, just scroll a lot:

When you finally get your virtual self, there's still a lot of work to be done. Like, uh, some serious glam.

And while Kim was very pro-consumerism, Lindsay is a little tongue-in-cheek about it:

She did manage to poke fun at her home arrest situation though:

Once you're finally ready to #selfie it up and take on the celebrity streets, the game is pretty enjoyable:

After you get your avatar, you can engage in "conspicuous consumption," building an entourage, and "publicity investments." And while all of it is similar to Kim K, the focus remains on swiping up to get fans like an old school arcade game instead of the role playing and task-based lay out of Kim's game.

What do you think, will it catch on the same way Kim's iPhone game did? Let us know in the comments.