The Most Memorable 'Real World' Moments From Seasons 21-29 -- Lamp Shades And Exes Included

Obviously, Nia and Jordan's drunken fight made the list.

From "the slap heard around the world" to that steamy threeway in the hot tub, "The Real World" wouldn't be what it is without the unforgettable interactions between the wide-ranging group of roommates. Simply put, these moments have defined the record-breaking reality program, and the show wouldn't be what it is without them.

As we approach the show's 30th installment,"Real World: Skeletons," we've been looking back at these incidents since the series first made its debut on MTV all the way back 1992.

Take a stroll down memory lane with the last batch of unbelievable moments -- 15 to be exact, from Brooklyn, Cancun, Washington DC, New Orleans, Las Vegas, San Diego, St. Thomas, Portland and Ex-plosion -- then tweet your choices for the most iconic memories using the hashtag #RW30. And be sure to watch the premiere of "Real World: Skeletons" tomorrow night at 10/9c!

Season 21: Brooklyn

Katelynn reveals that she's transgender.

Ryan finds out he's been called back for duty in Iraq.

Season 22: Cancun

LMFAO parties with the roommates.

Season 23: Washington DC

Ty dumps Andrew, also known as "Panda," over a ledge.

Season 24: New Orleans

Ryan uses a hair dryer to warm himself up in bed.

Preston and Ryan fight on the street over a soiled toothbrush.

Season 25: Las Vegas

Adam is kicked out of the Hard Rock Hotel because of his drunken antics.

Heather finds out from her mom that boyfriend Dustin was a gay porn star. At first, he denies it -- but eventually comes clean about his past.

A private investigator tells Nany her father has died.

Season 26: San Diego

Priscilla gives Frank a free haircut, but he hates it and explodes in anger.

Season 27: St. Thomas

Marie and LaToya play a prank on the house -- with a large, dead fish.

Robb self-abuses and hits himself.

Season 28: Portland

Nia and Jordan's drunken flirting goes too far, and they fight.

Nia attacks Averey over an argument about Daisy the dog pooping in the confessional.

Season 29: Ex-plosion

The roommates are more than a little surprised to find their exes have moved in with them. Exhibit A: Jenny's face.