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Ariana Grande's Iconic Victoria's Secret Face Is Now Available On A Beanie

If your first reaction to seeing Ariana Grande's insta-meme duck at the Victoria's Secret show was, "How long until this gets picked up by M.O.C. Brand?" You'll be happy to know that the answer is approximately one week.

The clothing label that's become synonymous with musician memes didn't waste any time transforming Ari's #bangbangintomyface moment. Luckily, their choice of accessory is perfectly timed with the holiday season.

The M.O.C. Brand

M.O.C. went with a beanie for their first roll out of their new Ari merch—and, aside from the fact that it is really, really cold outside—their decision to go with protective headgear also works on a very meta level.

You can cop the #VSFAIL beanie, which comes in a variety of colors, for $19.99.

One last question, though: How long until someone Photoshops Ariana in a beanie into the original pic?