Here's Why Shailene Woodley's Back Looks So Effing Jacked In The New 'Insurgent' Trailer

Michael Phelps? Is that you?

So, about that "The Divergent Series: Insurgent" trailer.

A mystery box! Houses falling off cliffs! Doppelgangers fighting real-el-gangers!

All of these wonders of motion picture technology and effects fade in the blinding woah-ness of one thing that makes an unforgettable appearance in the brand new "Insurgent" trailer.

Shailene Woodley's back.

More particularly, her Michael Phelps-esque rippling back muscles. Woah.

We get that she's getting her mack on with Four (Theo James) and that's a big deal, but we're just. Enthralled. Let's slow that down and get a better look, shall we?

Woah. We're so pie-eyed over this that we can't even begin to think about the thing that appears to be a randomly placed back piercing.

And even slooooower, so we can really roll around in the Phelpsian majesty of her musculature. Dying to see if she could hold a penny between her shoulder blades. Dying.

You know what, no dying necessary. We're just going to go ahead and say, yes, she could hold a penny.

So how did she get her back so damn ripped? Cast newcomer Keiynan Lonsdale, who plays Uriah in "Insurgent," gave us a hint. Asked by MTV News what he liked to do between takes, he revealed that he enjoyed dancing with castmates. Woodley, with whom he shared most of his scenes, loved to dance, but there was one thing she loved to do even more: pushups.

"Shailene dances all the time," Lonsdale said. "And she was always doing pushups, which was awesome. She was always keeping fit. So I joined in for that, when I could be bothered. We didn't do any contests, but she probably would beat me, honestly."

Lonsdale said that Woodley's jackedness "completely makes sense" for her character.

"It's great, especially with the way that the character develops, she goes from being this kind of normal girl to becoming a hero."

Get it, girl! We can only imagine how long she must have spent on the rowing machine to get that rippling backscape.

"The Divergent Series: Insurgent" hits March 20, 2015.