Iggy Azalea And Britney Spears’ Collaboration Won’t Be About ‘Booty’

Iggy sets the record straight -- but we want more!

Fans have been freaking out ever since Iggy Azalea confirmed that she and Britney Spears teamed up for an "amazing" collaboration.

And ever since, we've been dying for answers as to what the song sounds like, how it came together and what kind of girl-talk the pair had in the studio.

While we probably won't get the answers to all those questions just yet, Iggy did offer up some more information confirming that -- despite Twitter chatter -- the name of their track is not "Bliss."

Oh, and it will sound nothing like "Booty," Iggy's collaboration with Jennifer Lopez.

Come on, Iggy, give us some more!

While she wasn't giving up anything else about her Brit duet, the "Fancy" rapper did reveal the name of her tour, The Great Escape, which gives us a major clue about what direction she'll take for her next album.

And that's not all. Iggy revealed that the next single off Reclassified is the Jennifer Hudson-assisted track “Trouble,” which some fans weren't too excited about.