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Get To Know Jasmine V And Her Insane Cat In 12 Adorable GIFs

She'll watch 'Walking Dead' with you, but don't expect her to go out for sushi afterwards.

You might remember her as Justin Bieber's on-screen (and off-screen) girlfriend from his "Baby" music video or for her guest-starring roles on Disney Channel hits "That's So Raven" and "The Suite Life Of Zach And Cody." But after a four-year hiatus, Jasmine V is back, and this time she's not sharing her spotlight.

The 21-year-old teamed up with Kendrick Lamar on the smash single "That's Me Right There," from her EP of the same name, and she's hard at work on her debut LP as well.

"It’s going to be like my baby, my first album ever," she told MTV News. "It’s not a mixtape, it’s not an EP, it’s an album. I’m working on collabs and possible tours now. Everything is kind of up in the air. There’s no date for everything, but it’s going to get crazy. After the holidays I can’t wait. After all of the food and January comes it’s going to be crazy."

While most of her time these days is spent in the studio, there's so much more to Jasmine than you'll find in a recording booth. Like, did you know she has a crazy cat, or that she's a horror flick enthusiast, or that people say she looks like Selena Gomez ~sips tea~?

So when we caught up with the rising pop star, we asked her to let us in on a few secrets the world might not already know about her -- and we've got the GIFs to prove it.

  1. She's A 'Shmoney Dance' Expert
    MTV | Gavin Alaoen

    "About a week ago! Every time I hear that 'Shmoney Dance Song' I do that dance. Whenever I go to a party the first dance I do is the 'Shmoney Dance.'"

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  3. Her Cat Has Seven Remaining Lives
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    "There’s a lot you need to know about my cat. My cat is a dog basically. It’s a tabby cat. I have to hide garbage everywhere in my apartment because during the night, he’ll come and rip up the garbage. I have to wake up and clean it up. He’s not allowed out on the balcony because he tried to commit suicide several times. I don’t let him out there because he tried to leave me! He keeps me company, and he does the craziest things. The other day he caught on fire because I had the stove on, and I was making something. I turned around and smelt burnt hair, and the cat flies off the stove. He burnt off his whiskers. His name is Bear."

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  5. She'd Like To Visit The Land Down Under
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    "I want to go to Australia. That’s always been on my bucket list."

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  7. Jasmine Is Bugged By Boogers
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    "I was embarrassed a few days ago when I was talking to somebody and in front of everyone we were with, they were like, 'You have something in your nose.' I was just like sitting there like 'damn it.' It’s either that you’re embarrassed that they said it loudly or you’re embarrassed that you were walking around with something in your nose. I just looked at him and was like 'Thank you.'”

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  9. Seafood Sickens Her
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    "I don’t like seafood, I don’t like sushi. I don’t like the texture. I had some bad shrimp when I was younger so I think that scarred me. Everything to do with sushi sucks, I think. One time my brother tried to get me to eat it, and my purse got stolen so I think it’s tainted the whole experience."

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  11. She's An Emoji Enthusiast
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    "I love my phone. My favorite apps are Twitter and Instagram. I check those religiously. My favorite emoji is the crying face and the heart. I feel like I just do that for everything."

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  13. Girl Loves 'Magic Mike'
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    "Channing Tatum has always been my celebrity crush, ever since I saw him in 'Step Up.' Even though he did marry the girl in 'Step Up' it's OK. And had a kid. I’ll get over that one."

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  15. Her Celebrity Doppelganger Also Dated Justin Bieber
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    "I get Selena Gomez and Becky G a lot. They’re beautiful so, I mean, thank you!"

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  17. Jasmine Is A Scream Queen
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    "I like scary stuff! Like scary movies, 'American Horror Story,' I like scary shows. I just like to be scared. That’s my favorite genre. 'Walking Dead' is my favorite! I’m so mad at that last episode. I have to wait until January, and it hurt my heart a little bit!"

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  19. She Wants To Go On A Scary Ship
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    "I want to go on a haunted ship. My brother and I want to go to the Queen Marie."

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  21. Her Hair Drives Her Crazy
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    "I play with my hair way too much. That’s like a pet peeve on myself. Like I just have to always touch it."

  22. Jasmine Has No Game
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    "I’m bad at sports! I like basketball. I like watching sports. When it comes to just doing it, it just doesn’t work."