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Watch Harry Styles Explain How To Get A Perfect Man Bun

In September, we shared a Harry Styles bun tutorial, as demonstrated by the man himself while he was putting his hair up on stage. Well, I'm here to share some incredible news—we now have the 411 on how to do it, as described by the man himself.

An inquisitive Directioner recently attended a Where We Are book signing and asked the burning question we've all been wondering: "How do you perfect your bun?"

Ask and you shall receive, people.



And, believe it or not, that's it. It's that simple, says Harry. The best part of this exchange, IMHO, is his calling a hair tie a "li'l thing." Harry, you're a representative for the entire man bun club now—brush up on your terminology, dude!

That said, I will follow your advice next time I put my hair in a bun.