17 Cute Instagram Pics Of Grown Women On Santa's Lap

They still believe in Christmas magic.

Our feelings towards Santa change a lot as you get older. When you’re a kid, he is the guy who brings you gifts if you’re not terrible. When you’re an adult, he’s just one of many people you know with a seasonal job.

However, some of us still feel the need to wait in line and take a picture sitting on a guy. There are plenty of ladies (and in all fairness dudes too) who believe in Santa enough to do that and then document it on Instagram. We applaud their holiday spirit and willingness to sit on a strangers lap.

  1. Santa sandwich
  2. Someone has a type

    Yes, that's the same person.

  3. Social Media Santa

    What's the over-under on how long it took to teach him how to use hashtags?

  4. Handsy Santa
  5. St. Nick, the party boy
  6. Perks of the job
  7. Caught on tape
  8. Maybe Santa shouldn't wear leather gloves

    It makes him look like a serial killer.

  9. Santa with shades
  10. Triple threat
  11. House call
  12. Santa's tatted helpers
  13. Slednecks
  14. To Santa, babes might just be an occupational hazard
  15. When you're a kid you cry on Santa's lap because you're scared...
  16. But when you're an adult it's because you drank to much at the office holiday party
  17. No matter how old you get, he keeps being the coolest