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Ariana Grande Or Regina George: Who Wore This Outfit Better?

Last we saw Ariana Grande, she had ditched her cat ears for—gasp!—mouse ears, but don't worry cat lovers, last night she was back to her #1 species. Something else stuck out about her performance outfit, though—it bore a remarkable resemblance to Regina George's Playboy Bunny Halloween costume in Mean Girls. Like, Ariana even nailed the pose.

Behold: the original. For her Halloween costume, Regina wore satin bunny ears, marabou cuffs, and showed a lot of leg. She knows how to make an entrance.

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And here we have Ariana, not celebrating Halloween at all, but Christmas at Philadelphia's 2014 Jingle Ball. Animal ears? Check. Fluffy cuffs? Check. Hella leg? Check. And, most importantly, the pose? Big time check.

Maybe Ariana will wear another infamous Mean Girls look at New York's Jingle Ball on Friday? We'll find out soon!

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