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Lorde And HAIM Compared Bad Dreams -- Guess Who Won

Her name rhymes with 'snored.'

Dreams. They're movies for your brain. Wishes that your heart makes. A tunneling look into the inner crevices of your soul.

So what do the most recent reveries of the revered and famous -- namely Lorde and Este Haim -- tell us about what's going on in all that musical gray matter of theirs? Um, maybe just a little bit of darkness?

It all started when Haim bassist/singer Este tweeted something rather benign about a nightmare she had had the night before: "when u wake up from a dream where your ex tells u he's engaged and u end up feeling like shit the rest of the day(and sick to your stomach)."

Hey, we're all been there -- dreams about exes suck (although they apparently often happen when one is entering a new relationship, so at least there's that).

Lorde, however, took the rehashing of slumbered memories a step further, tweeting back, "i just woke up from one where i ripped some hair out of a girl's head and her scalp tore off in my hand haha GRIM."

Um, OK... We'll let Este wrap up our sentiments on this one with her answering tweet: