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Happy Birthday, Vanessa Hudgens! Here's To Another 365 Days Of Incredible Nails Done, Hair Done, Everything Did

Vanessa Hudgens turns 26 today (Dec. 14)! And while it’s very possible that Broadway’s newest star still has more looks to try out in 2014 (there are still two and half weeks left after all), what better day than this one to take a look back at some of Baby V’s most glamorous style transformations during her twenty-fifth year? In 2014, Vanessa showed that you can reinvent yourself as many times as you’d like with a simple haircut, dash of color, or even a seriously killer manicure.


On the hair front, she started the year off simple, with her signature long, dark locks complete with Minnie Mouse ears because why not?

However, it was her incredible manicure that really kicked this year off with a bang. When she introduced #ManiMonday on Instagram, we had no idea what we were in for.


In the month of love, she wore her heart on her sleeve nails and added some fun sparkle to show off her holiday spirit. I mean, with a boyfriend as gorgeous as Austin Butler, how can you not be excited about Valentine’s Day?


By April, Vanessa was definitely ready for change (but mostly Coachella), so she made what was perhaps her boldest transformation of the year and went full out blonde. Maybe she realized that #blondesdohavemorefun while filming Spring Breakers?

When she discovered colored tips, the styles were limitless.


But when she whipped out this glow in the dark manicure, it became official that Vanessa shut down Coachella fashion for the trillionth time in a row. Seriously, try to stop her. It can't be done.


In June, Vanessa introduced her fans to her summer alter ego, "Miss Daisy", when she kept the blonde, but ditched the long mermaid waves for a super cute, ombre bob. Does it look like she's celebrating the new do with the Shmoney Dance or is it just me?

July - September

Despite rocking the bob all summer long, she still had tons of fun with her nails and kept the #ManiMondays coming (Thank God).

This summer, she discovered her love for matte nails, experimented with the coolest french manicure on the planet, and even outdid herself when she sported an acrylic rose on her ring finger in September.

By the end of it all, her nails needed a break. But I mean, with hand jewelry that chic, do you even need a manicure?


In October, while her nails were getting some fresh air, her hair was itching for change, so Vanessa officially said goodbye to blonde and hello to red in honor of Halloween, proving that holiday style is not something she takes lightly.


After October ended, she asked fans on Instagram whether or not she should keep the red, but ultimately decided to let it go and try something new yet again. This time around, it was bangs FTW.


Believe it or not, we're already in December and Vanessa seems to have come full circle. It turns out she couldn’t keep her hair short for too long. She's sporting her long, dark hair again and just like she started this year with a bang, she’s ending it with... bangs!

And glitter, lots of glitter.

Happy Birthday, Vanessa!

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